How Can You Save Up To 90% on your Electricity Bill With Rooftop Solar?

Are you sick of paying your electricity bills? Is it too high a cost to maintain? Most nature enthusiasts switch to Solar energy to save natural resources and give back to the world. If we switch to Rooftop solar for our businesses and Industries, not only do we cut down on our bills, but also give back to the local grids. Solar Energy is one of the only energy resources that are not taxed yet.


Harness Clean energy for a greener tomorrow

  1. Install solar panels on your roof: Solar panels are much recommended for a healthier and happier future. The use of clean energy has zero emissions and it is practically free. With a one-time investment and regular maintenance, the solar panels can be used for at least 25 years before having to change them. If used for 25 years in a cloudless region, it produces an enormous amount of energy out of which unused energy can be sent to the grid. Customers get paid for the energy they send back.

    2. Connect your panels to net-meters: Once you have installed Solar panels on your roof, it is easy for you to connect your panel to the net metering. It enables all its customers: Industrial and businesses who generate excess electricity with their panels and offers credit to the ones who send it back to the local grid.3. Generate power and send the excess energy back into the local power grid: If you have solar panels installed in a state like Rajasthan, which has the most amount of cloudless days, power generation happens on a very large scale. Indian Government is working rapidly to increase the power generation capacity by adding more solar farms. When Industrial and commercial properties that use solar power send back the energy to the local grid, it helps in the long run

    4. More appliances, more consumption: As we get more occupied with our daily lives, the less time we get to spend at home. Therefore, to make up for the lost time, we invest in washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, water heaters, etc, This, in turn, increases the energy consumption drastically. Establishments that use UPS, have an increased limitation because self-power consumption required to keep all electronics powered 24/7 so as to provide an instant back-up during a grid power outage, which consumes a very large amount of electricity. It increases the electricity bill 5-7%. When one switches to solar power, the installation costs are a one-time investment, which in turn ensure free electricity for a lifetime and more. You can use as many appliances as without worrying about peaking electricity bills.

    5. Reduced electricity bills and more power generation: As soon as you switch to solar power, you can see the changes it brings to your bills, living without power outages and 24/7 electricity without worrying about power saving. There are numerous added benefits to using renewable energy, which in turn gives you great output. Caring for your environment has never felt better.