Why Choose Mono PERC panels for your rooftop solar system?

Solar energy is rapidly being adopted globally. People now finally have started understanding the need for more sustainable ways of development and running households. This all can also be attributed to the ever-increasing electricity bills, the cause of which is the constant increase in the use of electric appliances and new technology coming in. The increasing tariff on household electricity is also because of the much-needed environmental protection effort the government needs to put in amid using harmful electricity generation methods like hydroelectricity, coal, and other fossil fuels.

Solar system setup is a one-time investment that pays you back for a lifetime. Most solar panel varieties have a long life. The cost of the setup is just a slight pebble on the path. The benefits are endless. You are finally doing something good for the environment. The electricity bills are close to null. The rooftop is more structured and protected than ever. You seldom have power cuts. What else do you need? There is still a cheery on the cake!! The government, in its attempts to incentivize the process, is subsidizing solar installation in most states. There are tax benefits, and if you are generating more power than you need to use, you can sell that and earn a few bucks with that too.

Even when we know that solar panels and the system itself have a long life, they can be further extended by getting the latest technology installed. Mono PERC panels or Monocrystalline solar panels are the latest pieces of technology available. Monocrystalline solar panels are known to increase power generation and have a longer life than Polycrystalline panels.
Let’s understand in detail that why Choose Mono PERC panels for your rooftop solar system.

Why are Mono PERC panels a better option for your rooftop solar system?

Mono PERC panels are known to have better efficiency in performing under low light situations. These panels have a high photovoltaic capacity and generate better power during lesser sunlight too. The unique design adds to the aesthetics of the system and stands out. The unique design of Monocrystalline panels not only looks better but also has a scientific significance. The design increases the surface area for sunlight contact and hence helps in generating more electricity. Here are all the other benefits of Mono PERC panels over Polycrystalline panels:

  • The Monocrystalline panels’ cells are coated with silicon nitride, which helps reduce the reflection caused by the sunlight and hence increase the power generation.
  • Mono PERC panels have better heat resistance abilities. This helps increase the efficiency of the system and avoid any faults that can be a huge management hassle.
  • The top surface of Monocrystalline panels is coated with phosphorus which helps in creating a complex electric field for better efficiency. This is caused due to the negatively charged electric orientation as compared to the positive electric orientation beneath it.
  • The unique pyramid pattern of the mono PERC cells offers a greater surface area. This is the reason why these panels have a better power generation.
  • The generated electricity is then collected through sophisticated metal conductors, which are known to provide sleekness to the system.
  • These solar panels have a long life. The panels are known to last for up to 35-40 years and even more than that if taken better care of.
  • The above features increase the efficiency of Monocrystalline panels by at least 30%. The latest technology in solar systems ensures that you get the most out of your solar panels.


Apart from being distinguishably functional, these solar panels also have significant applications. Let’s know about some of them.

Application of Monocrystalline solar panels

Mono PERC solar panels have great applications in daily life, some of these are:

  • These panels make for a perfect setup as standalone panels for street lighting.
  • High power generating panels can directly power bigger appliances like refrigerators
  • Lower power generating panels can also directly power and charge appliances like laptops, cameras, and mobile phones
  • These panels can generate more electricity while consuming fewer areas suitable for small apartments and houses.
  • These panels are highly beneficial in larger-scale applications.
  • Monocrystalline panels are used for lighting gardens and parks.


Solar panels have great effects on the environment. All the one-time investment gets worthy when you see a massive drop in your monthly electricity bills. Using more efficient technology like that of the mono PERC panels can prove to be a bit costly initially, but the benefits pay off later. The longevity of these solar panels and the efficiency totally justify the price.