How Does Solar Power Work?

Interesting how one hour of Solar Energy has the potential to fulfill all energy needs of all humankind for over a year. The entire concept of turning the sun’s energy into usable energy is all too fascinating. Really makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
Today, solar energy alone is responsible for the production of 5.9 TWh of modern renewable energy. China is the leading producer of solar energy and buyer of solar panels. Now, a question that often arises at a number of instances is how does solar power work? How does the sun emit energy? How does that energy is then converted into usable energy? How do panels absorb that energy? Do solar panels hold the energy to be used later? The list of questions is endless. We begin by discussing how solar power is produced and then how they work.

Production of the Solar Power

How is solar energy produced?


One of the most intriguing things about solar energy is how they are produced. Solar energy broadly works by capturing the energy emitted by the sun and turning it into electricity for business purpose or personal use. How does the sun emit energy? Since our sun is a natural nuclear reactor, it releases small packets of energy, known as photons. These photons travel 93 million miles, the approximate distance between sun and Earth in over 8.5 minutes. Solar power is produced when the solar panels absorb these photons and convert them into usable energy.

What are Solar Panels?

solar panels

Have you ever been through one of those train journeys where you get to see these shining, gigantic, huge blue shimmering glasses, facing the sun for some reason? The kid in you has always wondered what they were, right? Well, those shimmering glasses were a part of a complex network that turned the sun’s renewable energy into electricity to be delivered to a designated destination.

Solar panels begin to work by absorbing sunlight with photovoltaic cells to generate direct current energy, and then consequently, converting it to usable alternating current energy. Technically speaking, this gets done through the help of inverter technology. The AC energy then flows through the electrical panels of home and business regions when distributed accordingly. AC is a type of electrical current. It is typically used when an individual plugs anything into a socket of a residential wall. In case of an installed solar panel, the system’s electrical panel sends power to the connected electrical appliances.

Photovoltaic solar panels are made up of a number of solar cells. These solar are made of silicon, they work as semiconductors. Developed with a negative and a positive layer, together to tend to create an electric field, similar to that of a battery.

Role of Solar Panels

The sole responsibility of a solar panel is to allow photons: particles of light, knock the electrons free from atoms to allow easy generation and quick flow of electricity. Solar panels are installed on rooftops to allow the flow of electricity through an electric grid like water, following a path that has least resistance. Besides that, solar panels are guaranteed for decades. Now, since they do not wear out easily, they tend to continue the production of clean electricity for long, lengthy timeframes.

The solar power grid has a number of advantages. For instance, solar power grids allow usage of as much electricity as needed before sending back the excess solar power to the power company to use. Besides that, a net metering device is installed at the place where solar panels are positioned to measure the electricity going to and from the power grid. In a few cases, the energy credit derived from the meter accumulates over long-term, and some of the utilities also pay for the power production credits.

Well with the potential change in the air, we all can participate in making the country developed through switching to use of solar power and start practicing the benefits of it at a much lower cost and efficiency.

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