Factors To Consider Before Installing Solar Panels

With the world blessed with an infinite source of sunshine, solar panels are becoming more affordable and easier to install. To sustain healthy living and do our due part for the environment, it is suggested that we do it with solar energy, consequently with solar panels. There can never be enough benefits of installing solar panels, but there can be factors that can affect the life of the installed solar panels. Today, with advanced technology and skilled technicians, installation of solar panels is not as difficult as it used to be earlier. Nonetheless, there are some factors which can cause issues if they are ignored. To acquire long-lasting benefits of solar panels, here are a few factors that you should consider

Solar Panels are a BIG INVESTMENT

Solar panels are a big investment and the return of the due investment is not before 5-6 years minimum. Even though the benefits of the installation are immediate; reduction of electricity bills, solar panels themselves and their installation cost will take some time to look normal in a common household. Hence, it is important that solar panels are installed in a household where an individual or family is planning to live long-term. However, in case you are a kind of person whose job requires you to move a lot; change your locations often, you can always adopt different methods to lower your energy consumption, i.e. switch to LED bulbs, etc.
Determine Effective Financing Alternatives
It is true that the installation of solar panels on rooftops is an incredible way to save money and energy, despite the misconception of solar panels being extremely costly. With time, solar energy is becoming one of the cheapest forms of electricity across the globe; costs are going down and people are acknowledging the value of solar energy. Local government and federal government are providing several scopes for tax incentives; the solar investment tax credit, along with state and utility incentives. However, they are provided on a more local level.

Energy Requirement of Your House

solar energy for house

Often solar panels are required at big industrial areas to consume more energy but save cost which is why solar panels are less frequently seen in common households. However, since the energy requirements of each household are different from the other, it is important to know the basic electricity consumption of the household. This would help assess how many solar panels will be required to suffice the need of the whole house. You can estimate the usage of solar panels by following your electricity bill, identify the kilowatts of energy you have used on a daily basis and multiply the number by .25 to determine how large of a solar panel system suffice the energy requirement of your house.

Determine Suitable Location to Install Solar Panels

Unlike other energy methods, different types of panels react differently to shadows. There are polycrystalline panels who reduce the output of electricity and then there are mono-crystalline panels who will stop the production of electricity altogether in case of any amount of shadowing. Therefore, it is suggested to install solar panels on the roof panels who have no shade especially during the sunshine hours per day i.e. 10 AM to 2 PM. Evidently, solar panels who are more exposed to the sun tend to produce energy more efficiently.

Apt Roof Condition to hold the Solar Panel System

It is a known fact that solar panels have a lifespan of over 25 years. Nonetheless, the composition of roofs or asphalt shingle roofs has the history of lasting just 20 or so years, considering all weather conditions; hurricanes, snow, hail storms, and climate conditions affecting the lifespan of the roof. It is important that roof condition is priorly checked and tested to sustain a solar panel system. In addition to that; roof age and roof condition, layout, direction, and material of the roof are crucial to consider. It is suggested so because even when the roof is not receiving the sunlight directly, the little amount of sunlight falling on the rooftop can do wonders for the house in case the house qualifies to install solar panels.

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