Why is Solar Energy Important For Our Environment?

We all are too terrified to even accept the fact that we are adversely affecting nature, consequently mother earth. The statistics are staggering in the field of non-renewable energy resources; fossil fuels, the condition of our ecosystem, and we can’t even sit and talk about keeping up with the constantly appearing change in the climate. The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on climate change has stated that the temperature of our planet is elevating to a destructive level at an alarming rate, and we need to act together faster than we initially thought to save the planet.
You can’t possibly imagine the year 2030 with wildfires, floods, droughts, storage of food amenities, and the deaths of thousands and thousands of people due to excessive emission of greenhouse gases, resulting in high temperatures. Cities, states, nations, countries, continents will face fatal consequences due to adverse changes in our ecosystem and the atmosphere. Well, if you can’t imagine that, you need to make practical decisions today. There are few changes that you can make in your lifestyle today, which might not seem like much today, but will make a big difference in coming tomorrow.

Benefits of Solar Energy


Solar energy produces clean, renewable power directly from the sun, which eventually helps in saving energy derived from fossil fuels.
There are very few alternatives to fossil fuels and one of the prominent renewable sources of energy is solar energy. It limits the greenhouse gases and reduces carbon footprint across the globe. Across several countries, even till today, fossil fuel is the only source of energy. Since it is a known fact that fossil fuels are expensive and are extremely harmful to the environment, we are practically willingly burning a huge part of our capital to provide ourselves with electricity and energy. However, against Fossil fuels, solar energy is absolutely free and abundant in nature. If it was possible to capture the energy emitting from the sun on Earth only for an hour, we would be able to power the entire earth for one whole year. Investment in solar energy is fruitful because it can help reduce the extraction of limited and extremely valuable fossil fuels.
Investment in solar energy is beneficial for it reduces water usage

Generally, if energy is not produced with fossil fuels, it is produced with nuclear and hydropower energy. Both of the sources use a lot of water to generate electricity. A number of dams have been built around numerous water bodies to control water and produce electricity for mass. The development of excessive dams adversely affects the local ecosystem; lives and the living around the water body. Solar panels produce energy in abundance and do not have any negative results on the local ecosystem. In fact, with water scarcity as one of the major issues in our country, we should actually use solar energy systems to drop excessive water consumption.

Solar Energy will improve the condition and health of Humanity, even in long-run
The US Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy has stated that along with saving drinkable water from going scarce and even extinct, solar energy systems can help in reducing the emission of greenhouse gases, consequently resulting in cleaner air in the atmosphere for mankind to breathe in. It is no news that clean air has a positive effect on the health, growth, and development of mankind. Life would be sorted with better air, cleaner lungs, longer life expectancy.

Switch to Solar Energy because it is Bringing Difference Globally

Solar panels use photovoltaic technology to produces clean and emission-free power, which is helping in reinstating the natural state of the earth. With the mother earth losing it’s cool (quite literally) and turning warm due to greenhouse effect and ozone layer depletion; consequently making the living harder and harder on the surface of the earth, we can do our best to reinstate the original condition of our earth.

So, next time instead of asking “why is solar energy important and why should I use it?”, we must start asking “how can I optimize and utilize the solar energy for my daily needs to limit affecting nature and our ecosystem from my end?”
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